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The Healing and Medicinal Properties of Bee Honey

miel propiedades y beneficios

The products of the hive are natural therapies with scientifically proven virtues.
Discover the benefits and use of each product in the hive.

Apitherapy is the use of products harvested, processed or secreted by bees for healing.
The word comes from the Latin Apis , which means bee…

What cures apitherapy? The virtues of honey and other products of the hive>

Deep down, in healing, in healing care, it has been a long time that we know how to use honey and bee products.

It was already done in the ancient Egyptians, among the Greeks (Hippocrates already recommended honey in ointment preparations and in the treatment of wounds) in ancient Rome but also in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Today, the products of the hive are natural therapies with scientifically proven virtues.
The products of the hive and their virtues

When we talk about bee products, we spontaneously think of honey, a true gift from nature, which we consume for its flavour and whose virtues we often forget.
But propolis, pollen, royal jelly and bee venom also have excellent dietary and therapeutic qualities.

If propolis is the only one capable of claiming the name of drug, honey, royal jelly and pollen are interesting for health as a preventive measure.

Honey: a real gift from nature

The best known product of the hive and the bees is, of course, honey…

Contains water, dry matter, enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, cholesterol esters and minerals.
A rich composition that probably explains why it is used in our kitchen, on our skin or to treat us.

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Some honeys, such as Manuka honey, are particularly famous for their therapeutic qualities.
Harvested by the beekeeper of honey has antioxidant properties, anti-infectious in general, toning and stimulating, metabolic, digestive, skin antiseptic and healing properties.

benefits of eating honey

The royal jelly cure: a powerful stimulant

Royal jelly is produced by suckler bees: it feeds the larvae that will give birth to young bees and queens.
It is used to stimulate the immune, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems and also has anti-infective and antioxidant properties.

royal jelly, beekeeping products, apitherapy
A real gelatin cure lasts at least a month. It is advisable to take 500 mg to 1 g of royal jelly per day.

miel properties and benefits

The pollen cure for allergies and memory.

It is the fertilizing element of plants and is harvested by bees through their pollen.
Pollen is a good dietary supplement. It is used to treat allergies and improves the memory of the elderly.

Bacteria protection polymers

Propolis is used to protect the hive with a bactericidal action. It is a complex substance, consisting of 300 to 400 compounds.

Propolis treats oral mucosal wounds such as mouth sores and gingivitis.
It prevents viral and bacterial infections and protects the respiratory tract from inflammation.

Bee venom for your joints
Helps to treat rheumatic diseases, arthritis, certain infections and multiple sclerosis.
It can be given in balsams, tablets or drops, but it can also be combined with acupuncture treatment.