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How to Live Many Healthy Years Tips and Advice

como vivir mas años

The key to a long and healthy life is found in many studies of the human body and mind.

Expensive face creams and dietary supplements help, but it’s all about habits.

Steps to Healthier and More Healthy Living

Good morning exercises instead of rock-hard gymnastics, small adjustments in your eating habits and a healthy approach to relationships with the people around you: these are not big chews.
Eat like a Southern European

1. Eat like a Southern European

More and more studies indicate that southern Europe is a good guide to healthy eating.

Eating habits around fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil have a positive effect on our bodies, including reducing the risk of breast cancer and heart disease, improving mental performance and – perhaps – reducing the risk of dementia.
Maintain friendships and build new ones.

Loneliness can be fatal, and some researchers say it is a greater threat to public health than obesity.

People who have regular contact with ten or more people are happier than their counterparts without interactions, according to a British study.

3. Cardiometric training three times a week

Any type of movement is good for you, but the type of movement that most benefits your body is aerobic or cardio.

Walking, walking and swimming improve your mood, clear your mind and also protect you from mental deterioration later in life.

Cardio also strengthens your heart and lungs and keeps your muscles in balance, but you need to spend 45 minutes each time.

4. Exercise twice a week.

On days when you don’t run or anything, add strength training exercises.

The combination of cardiovascular training and endurance is best for your mental and physical health.

5. Limit your calories and try fasting.

One of the most promising diets is to limit the calories you eat.

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Eating sounds less delicate, but you can agree with yourself, for example, that you don’t eat anything every day after a while. After 8 p.m., you don’t drink anything but water or maybe tea. This method is also known as “periodic fasting”.

In addition, most of the research on this diet has been done in animals and it is not certain that the effects will also occur in humans in this way.

6. Be more thorough.

A study that lasted 75 years and followed 300 brides found a statistical link between conscious and empathetic action and longer life.

It is impossible to say whether empathy predestines you for a longer life, or whether respondents have had enough time in their lives to develop empathy.

But it’s not the first investigation to link them. A survey of Californians found that people who were considered conscientious by their friends and family lived longer than those who were not described as conscientious.

The same goes for opening up to new visions and ideas.

7. Drink less alcohol

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Western world.

A recent study showed that a daily glass of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer before or after menopause.

8. Get up and move every hour.

No matter how many exercises you do, be sure to get up and walk every hour.

Sitting all day is disastrous for their health and adults who were moving 2 minutes per hour were less likely to die prematurely than their sitting counterparts – even 33% lower.

9. Protect your skin

Protecting your skin from the sun is very important to prevent skin cancer and give healthy skin an unhealthy appearance.

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Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with a factor of 35 or more when exposed to the sun.

Especially when you’re young, it’s important, because then your skin loses more and more of its ability to absorb proteins and therefore its flexibility.

10. Drinking coffee

Coffee seems to have a positive effect on health. Two major studies, both conducted over 16 years, show that this is the case.

The first study followed more than half a million Europeans (up to 1% of the population) and concluded that men who drank three or more cups of coffee a day were 12% less likely to die prematurely than men who did not drink coffee. In the case of women, the proportion was 7 per cent.

In the United States, one study followed 190,000 non-white Americans, in which people were 12 percent less likely to die prematurely after a single cup of coffee a day than coffee cans.

Two or three cups a day resulted in an 18% difference.

11. Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

You may sleep too little or too little. Less than 7 hours and more than 9 hours have a negative effect on our health.

People who regularly sleep less than 7 hours are 12% more likely to die prematurely. Those who sleep longer, on the other hand, are 30% more likely to be affected.

Many studies show the relationship between sleep deprivation and side effects such as low mood, depression, poor performance (mental and physical) and an increased risk of all kinds of diseases and disorders, including dementia.

For a year, I would wake up every day at 7 a.m. and ruin my health.