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How to seduce a man? What we never dared to tell you before…

The whole truth about female seduction!>
To know how to approach a man to seduce him in a subtle and intelligent way, without arousing too much distrust, you must first know what kind of women they don’t like.

In short, men don’t like vulgar women or maybe they only like them one night… and again… in a place where they don’t risk being recognized for not being embarrassed… Do you follow me?

Warning : The rest of this article may surprise or at least offend some people. So, if you think you can’t stand to see the truth right in front of you, I advise you to stop reading here.
For the bravest, here’s what you can do:

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You must love sex!>
a truth that the women around you have been telling you since you were a teenager: men only think about sex. But there is one other thing I discovered and verified in my sex life: men love women who love sex!>

But be careful, not the ones who pretend just to be nice… No! No, no, no, no! I’m talking about women who really love sex!
And men are not fooled, they know how to tell when a girl only pretends she likes sex just to get it.

so you also have to learn to love sex!>
But here it is, not so easy because the echoes of society, your mother or grandmother or religion, have imposed too rigid a sexual education on you.
Only here, not so simple because the echoes of society, your mother or grandmother or your religion, have inflicted too rigid a sex education.
What makes you think sex is bad, embarrassing, dirty…? It’s not the right to pleasure, the blowjob is dirty, the puppy is degrading, the masturbation is shameless… You are afraid to pass for an easy girl, a “slut”, or simply a sexual object in the eyes of men.
So how can we seduce him without believing that all this is wrong?
Be Yourself and Don’t Pretend>
Most men look for a woman they consider accessible. Men prefer women who are more common but who feel good about themselves, who know what they want, who assume their desires, who know how to give and also receive pleasure instead of an ultra hot girl who, in bed, moves as much as a starfish out of water.

To seduce, attract and attract men, you must first learn to please yourself….Women who are unsure of them do not release anything positive in the eyes of men and will have a hard time seducing them.
You better see Sexuality as the most wonderful and Normal thing there is and that you deserve to enjoy it freely, if you give yourself up loving and enjoying it, believe me he will love it.
To seduce a man, just be ultra sexy!

So start by removing from your closet the old potato sack jeans style, the t-shirt, the sneakers, the flesh-colored bras… Finally, everything that’s worn, punctured, torn, ugly…
Then go to the bathroom for a full waxing session.
Yeah, men don’t find hair very sexy.
You can even postpone it for good!
But they love to see beautiful legs, so start by shaving them.
then also to the pubic area.
Tasteful make-up
But be careful, men don’t like vulgar, exaggerated. A little black on the eyelashes, a pencil line on the edge of the eyelids, enough to highlight the eyes, a light veil of base if necessary and especially a beautiful lipstick for which you choose carefully the color.

Dress for GustarDress for Gustar

Wear shoes and boots with heels, skirts, pants that make you look very sexy, wear necklines (even if you have few breasts, it’s a matter of principle), and of course beautiful sexy underwear, thongs, corsets, waist straps, socks, beautiful bra, or something like that, nothing underneath… you big bitch!

Walk with your head upright, very straight, take a good step and imagine the serial erections you will cause…

Although these Tips Work, There are some that will really change your life and help you conquer that man you love by melting him in love, you can read them all in the book below



How I Fall in Love with my boyfriend

My friends and co-workers, had not understood how Carlos noticed me, they thought I had put a spell on him or something..hahahaha.

And how can I tell them it was because of a book that made it? At first I didn’t want to reveal anything, I was happy with what I had achieved, however the fact that I was asking for advice and insisting on knowing and secrecy made me reveal Noelia’s guide on how to seduce the man of your dreams.

Our problem as women, is that when we go wrong in a relationship, we want to return to the conquest, and for that we worry about surgeries that do not always work out well or are the best, sometimes we seek psychological help, or pay a seduction trainer, checking many times that paying him was not the best option.

It is very sad to see us suffering abandonment or loneliness, with very low morale, defeated, believing ourselves unattractive, and wondering if we can be happy again.

Because deep down we all want a man with whom to laugh, with a good heart, attractive and if he is successful much better.

And I Tested Love’s Meltdown

Tired of all the mocking of the past at school and at work, I made myself a promise: “I would conquer a handsome and successful man” and no matter what I had to learn to do, he would end up married to me, hahahahaha…he sounds sleepy, but the good news is that I made it.

The women who are my husband’s coworkers today, have everything that we want some women to have, they are beautiful, sexy, some even with a lot of money, a lot of competition for a woman, but none when you are determined to conquer the heart of that man and spend the rest of my life with him, then I decided to put into practice everything that says the guide of DERRITELO DE AMOR.

Noelia Sandoval’s advice is easy and practical, so I felt confident, the time had come, I’m going to seduce a very handsome and successful man.

And the Results Were Not Made to Wait Appeared in a Few Days

With what I learned in Melt It Down With Love, I know what behaviors men and women have in certain circumstances and what to do, with patience and determination I put everything into practice, and I achieved it, my husband began to notice me, What time will it take me? You’re not going to believe it, but it only took me 2 weeks to get him to invite me to dinner, after seeing me for almost 2 years without even realizing it existed, thanks to putting into practice what was written in the book, I was already going out to dinner, it sounds incredible, but it is NOT if you know how to do it.

After an incredible year, he proposed to me, and as you can guess, you know I answered, my life changed thanks to the book melt it with love, now I am happy, I have plans and a lot of desire to live with the love of my life.

The Blue Principie exists ,just learn how to Conquer it

Some Tips for You


    If you have doubts about your relationship, because you have been hurt too much, you give your best, but time passes and as always the story ends.

    Many of us think it’s difficult to conquer the man of your dreams, that it takes a lot of time, that he’s tired, etc.

    But I assure you that it is a big mistake, conquering the love of your life is NOT something difficult, you just have to know what to do and when to do it, the book Melt it of Love, has all the proven techniques to achieve that which you want so much, and save you many years of despair and frustration, so to invent the wheel, when they already did.

    In the book DERRITELO DE AMOR you will know all you have to do to conquer the love of your life, it is a step by step guide for beginners and not so beginners, and the best results are seen in less than 30 days.

    Another thing I like about the book is that it teaches you how to protect your heart, and thus avoid being hurt, is something you should learn IF OR IF.

    But that’s not all: You will know the signs that men give unconsciously.

    If you put all the advice given in the book, you will become a master of seduction, you will know what your man is feeling and what step to take to seduce him, you will always be one step ahead of him.

    The book has NO limits on the type of man to conquer, whether single, married, divorced, philanderer, elderly, etc.



Now I want ALL YOUR ATTENTION to this:

There are some women who have with them the man of their dreams, but believe me this is a stroke of luck that happens once every 100 years, it doesn’t happen often.

Which idea do you like best?Prince Charming’s expectations like many others or take action and make your dream come true.

If you wait for luck to come into your life, then you better sit back and wait, because either you will be alone millions are waiting for the same thing and all of them with a NOT so favorable result, loneliness and singleness.

But if you’re tired of waiting and want to get out of your bachelorhood, it’s time to take action and make it happen, the first step is to read DERRITELO DE AMOR and do the simple steps that Noelia proposes.

With all my heart I wish that like me you too could find the love of your life and not by chance, but because you had the courage to Take Action and read this powerful book, MUCH LUCKY!

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